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Posted by on in Recent Projects

NEVER PAINT AGAIN!  Customers are planning ahead in 2015 by calling early to schedule appointments/installations for the Spring/Summer installation season.

Hurry to beat the rush call 877-257-4466 or 87725RHINO.COM.

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Rhino Shield is offering DEEP Winter discounts for those Customers that plan ahead to NEVER PAINT AGAIN.  Whether your project is for Stucco, Brick, Aluminum, Cedar or Wood.  Homes. Businesses or Churches NOW is the time to CALL! 877-257-4466 or 877-25RHINO.COM

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Rhino Shield is the leader in the ceramic coating business.  Featured is just another long lasting paint applied to this beautiful aluminum home in rural Pittsfield, Illinois.  The customers were so satisfied with the installation crew they added on their aluminum detatched garage while the job was in progress.

For an estimate to be installed this late Spring or early Summer call 877-257-4466.

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Rhino Shield Your Brick Home or Building Today!

Here in Missouri, it’s hard to turn a corner without seeing a brick home or building. Brick is sturdy, it insulates and soundproofs well and withstands a lot of the deterioration experienced by other substrates such as wood and vinyl. Because of this resurgence in brick’s popularity, Rhino Shield Missouri often hears the question, “Can Rhino Shield be applied to brick?” Well quite simply, the answer is YES! Additionally, it’s very advantageous to use Rhino Shield on brick instead of traditional paint.

Because traditional latex paint doesn’t allow for much moisture to escape when applied to a porous surface like brick, spalling occurs, which eventually leads to the brick’s breakdown. Because Rhino Shield is permeable and allows moisture to escape, spalling doesn’t occur.

So contact Rhino Shield Missouri today at 877-257-4466 for a free estimate and to learn more about how we can help your brick home look it's best!

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Save Money and Time With Rhino Shield's Ceramic Coating

Some of us absolutely love doing mini-projects around the house, no matter what the time of year. Besides the usual upgrades you can do in various rooms, have you given any thought to giving the exterior of your home a nice new makeover? That's where Rhino Shield comes in...

There are all sorts of house paint and coatings to choose from for the outside of your house, so how do you make that final executive decision?

If you're still up in the air about what best exterior paint to use for the outside of your house, here are a few reasons why Rhino Shield will not only save you a lot of time but a potential boatload of money as well:

    • Resists Mold & Mildew Growth -- Reducing mold & mildew can cut down on other costly repairs as well as possible health risks
    • Reduces thermal conductivity -- This keeps temperatures in your home more static, this reducing energy bills and saving you money in the long run.
    • Salt Tolerance -- this is very beneficial for those who live near coastal areas
    • BASF Tested and Verified -- Rhino Shield showed no signs of aging after a test conducted by BASF
    • Waterproof -- Like its resistance to mold, being waterproof can also help with preventing other costly projects due to water damage.

Deciding to repaint the outside of your home is always a daunting task, no matter what the size of the home. You want to choose a product that not only has a longer lifespan, but has features in place to save you some money in the meantime.

For more information and a no-obligation estimate, call (877) 257-4466 today!

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Posted by on in Recent Projects
Comments from a Satisfied Customer

Dear Darrin:

We would like to let you know on how pleased we have been with the work that Justin Hurley and Randy Shafferman did on our house.  Making the decision to have Rhino Shield put on our house was a very big decision.  It is a big investment and we weren't exactly sure on what to expect. 

However, their consideration to detail, strong work ethic and consideration of keeping our yard clean and picked up is a powerful, positive addition to your product.  It was a pleasure to have them do the work and we felt secure in knowing that it would be a job well done.  We know how important it is to have feedback.  Mick, running a small business, knows how important it is to have good employees, and you have a couple of good ones in them.

Keep up the good work!
Mick and Kathy S
Chesterfield, MO

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Rhino Shield is a great long-lasting Stucco Paint Repair Option!

Few things look better than Stucco on home exteriors.  The rich, textured look ads beauty and depth to Tudor homes and others that use it.  But stucco can be a high maintenance exterior as it cracks, chips and flakes away with heat, moisture and hard rain over the years. 

If you have a stucco exterior and you're looking for a no-maintenance stucco repair option, look no further than Rhino Shield Exterior Ceramic Coatings.

Rhino Shield bonds well to stucco, is weather resistant, comes in thousands of colors and has a 25 year TRANSFERABLE warranty!  Yes, even on Stucco!

View our stucco paint repair gallery and give us a call today for a free estimate on your stucco paint repair project.

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Choose Rhino Shield Over Vinyl Siding

There are a number of different options available out there today when it comes to exterior materials for the home.  If you’re in the market for some new siding and are trying to make a decision between vinyl and Rhino Shield’s ceramic paint coating, there are a few chief things to consider before making your final choice and Rhino Shield encourages you to decide carefully.  While there are some marked advantages to having vinyl siding on your home, there are some definite disadvantages, too.

For example, if one isolated piece of vinyl siding gets damaged, it’s nice to be able to remove that individual piece of siding and replace it. But by having a home that’s covered in this material, all of the architectural detail underneath is obscured.

Also, with vinyl siding, you’re limited to a smaller selection of colors to choose from in comparison to Rhino Shield thousands of colors available so there is never a problem matching the color of your choice.

With wind storms, vinyl also tends to separate, and can be very noisy.

Lastly, vinyl has a tendency to heat up in warmer weather.  Because of the fact that vinyl tends to expand when heated, it can cause more heat to radiate internally info the home. Rhino shield’s ceramic technology, on the other hand, disbands heat evenly, keeping your home cooler in the summertime. With the extremely high temperatures Americans are experiencing all across the nation, this is especially important.

Rhino Shield looks like paint, but lasts like you the best of both options.

Find out more about the Rhino Shield's ceramic coating and all of the versatility it offers by calling Rhino Shield today.


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Do You Know What Volatile Organic Compounds Are?

As you probably know by now, the multitude of benefits of Rhino Shield are endless and its ceramic coating technology makes it a top contender when it comes to choices of exterior home coatings on the market today.  But why is it so much better for the environment and our health that traditional paint?
One of the main reasons is because it lacks the volatile organic compounds that regular paints are loaded with. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gases that cause harm to both your health and the environment and oddly enough, they’re found in many of the common products we use today. VOCs are comprised of a multiplicity of elements and chemicals that are emitted as gases into the atmosphere from various solids and liquids.  While every individual’s health will more than likely be affected in different ways by VOCs, there are a few conclusive negative effects that they can have on everyone exposed to them.

Luckily, Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating contains low VOCs and therefor carries less of a health and environmental risk.  Contact Rhino Shield today to learn more about the benefits of this awesome product!

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Customer Testimonial with Rhino Shield for their Home and Business Exterior

I just wanted to thank you for the two jobs you did for my Wife, and I. We had you do our business, and home as well.   What a great product, and wonderful look it has given us.  We are business owners with little time to worry about the up keep of of both properties.  You guys provided me with the comfort of being able to focus on what i need to for work and home without the worries of any further upkeep, that is a good feeling.

Justin Hurley is a talented individual, He and His crew have great work ethics. They were very respectful and hard working. The business required a lot of prep, and they did a great job sealing up the 1920's building. And what difference it made to the property. The house because it was a deep base color done early in the season did have some texture issues dew to the dew. However after calling for my concerns, believing it may have been bleed thru, Justin came out explained what happened, and went right to work addressing the issues. We will give it till next spring and see how it settles in. I do love the color, and it was well worth all the effort Justin put in to it.

We are extremely confident that Your Company will be able to service any further issues.

Thank You all for taking the worry out of maintaining both locations, now we can focus on the business and other things that seem to take most of my time.  Please tell Justin and his crew that all their hard work, long hours, expertise, talent, and dedication is greatly appreciated.
                                                                                Thank You,
                                                                                   Tim & Janice Rickman


For more testimonials, visit this page.

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Just What Your Commercial Space Needs

You are probably more than very familiar with the many benefits of Rhino Shield when applied to a home since we blog about residential applications often. But did you know that we also specialize in commercial jobs as well and that there are a whole slew of advantages that come with coating your commercial building with RS? That’s right, from corporate offices to hotels and universities; Rhino Shield paints a wide variety of buildings and can save you time and money while we’re at it. You see, typically, these types of dwellings usually require more frequent upkeep—even more frequent than residential dwellings—since they’re usually high-traffic structures. Rhino’s ceramic coating also reduces energy and saves money in the long-run because it doesn’t need near as much upkeep as regular painting.

View our commercial exterior paint gallery here.

If you own a commercial space and are ready to take advantage of the full array of benefits that coating it with Rhino Shield has to offer, then give Rhino Shield a call today and learn more about how we can give your business a whole new look!

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Posted by on in Testimonials

I wanted to let you know that I am an extremely happy (repeat) customer!

First of all, let me thank you for taking the time to help me on the color selection. This time, I wasn't reserved on getting your professional opinion. The "Sandy Beaches" was such a great fit for the existing Deep Marine trim. This time, I got it right!  Now, I am proud of this house instead of embarrassed by the "Smurfberry Blue."

Kudos to each and every one of your team members:

Hanson is so easy to work with and really listens to the customer, especially on the details that matter.  When I get ready to replace my roof, perhaps next year, I will contact him.

Jerry was great from start to finish.  He was so very patient to make sure we had gone over every part of the house.  

Austris is what I would call a "Jack-of-all trades."  The custom-made column posts bases were a huge plus to the front entry way looking sharp.

I did type up a review on your web page testimonials, but made a couple of mistakes:  I left out the word "work" and then spelled my name wrong (duh).

The subdivision reaction has been fun to observe.  Yesterday, one of my neighbors came over to let me know that she loved the final outcome.  In fact, she said it looked very "Eddie Bauer."  Also when I was mowing the yard, a van slowed down and a man (and his wife) stuck his arm out of the window and gave me a huge smile and a thumbs-up signal.

You are great at your job and I wanted to let you know that it did not go without notice.


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Summer Health & Safety is A Rhinoshield Priority!

Summer is here, and it's the season for outdoor grilling, gatherings and paint jobs.  And you might be very well in season for giving your home a facelift with the customizable exterior painting of Rhino Shield.  Aside from providing your home with an exceptional exterior appeal, Rhino Shield is in touch with your health and needs through all of your outdoor activities in Ballwin and in  St. Louis this summer.

Rhino Shield's ceramic coating system, in opposition to marketed lead paints, is designed to be safe for your family, friends and pets. The three step process is Class A Fire and Smoke Rated, windproof and salt tolerant. The ceramic coating is constructed in such a way that it is safe enough for skin contact, and is highly durable, with a system that bonds to surfaces such as wood and steel like an adhesive. Rhino Shield is additional non-toxic, and is an ideal in outside home repair for hosting gatherings outside the home while avoiding the overbearing paint smell.

We encourage you to thrive this summer with a paint system that bonds that reliably bonds to your house and is in sync with your health.  Call Rhino Shield today!

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Posted by on in About Rhino Shield
Give Dad The Rhino Treatment!

Father's Day is coming up, and as the day for Dad recognition nears you might find yourself pondering the perfect gift.  We suggest that you give Dad the Rhino Shield treatment this year.  What is the Rhino Shield treatment, it's the gift of a no-maintenance house exterior!  With over 25 years of experience, Rhino Shield comes highly recommended for quality satisfaction and a finish that is superior to that of regular paint.  We believe that men everywhere would appreciate the long lasting Rhino Shield system, which removes the burden of exterior house painting.

Rhino Shield is an investment that essentially pays for itself. Rhino Shield has a 25 year transferability warranty that is ideal for maintaining or selling your home.  Other advantages include a brilliant exterior finish and a vibrance in color and tone of the ceramic coating.

For a limited time, take advantage of our Spring Special, which provides 15 percent off overall services.  Request a free estimate today.  What better gift could you give him - the gift of more time with your family!

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Posted by on in FAQ

While we get all kinds of questions at Rhino Shield Missouri about things like pricing, financing, durability issues, and more, there's still a few questions that come up much more often than others. We never get tired of answering all our customers' queries about Rhino Shield ceramic coating and all the great benefits it offers homeowners, but nonetheless we thought it'd be helpful to highlight some of the most common questions that we face:

    • Can Rhino Shield be applied to wood, brick, and vinyl? The fact that Rhino Shield can be applied to virtually any surface is one of the reasons the product is so competitive in the exterior building coatings market. Rhino Shield can be applied to stucco, wood, brick, block, vinyl and metal.
    • Why should I choose Rhino Shield over traditional paint? Conventional painted exterior surfaces have to be recoated every 3-5 years, whereas Rhino Shield comes with a 25 year warranty. Additionally, traditional paint applications every 5 years use much more energy than the application of the Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating every 25 years.
    • What does Rhino Shield look like after the final application, and it dries? Once dry, Rhino Shield has a smooth latex paint-like finish, but is much thicker than latex paint.

So there you have it, our three most common questions. If you've been wondering about any of these issues before, now you've got an answer! If you need more clarification, though, don't hesitate at all to call our Rhino Shield Missouri offices today at 877.257.4466.

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Rhino Shield Offers Big Savings for Business Owners

When you’re a business owner—whether one of a small family owned type or a corporate office—there are many hats that you have to wear. The last thing you should have to worry about is the exterior maintenance of your building.  Let Rhino Shield of Missouri help take care of that for you. Although our revolutionary exterior coating product is typically known for residential use, we’re now becoming synonymous with commercial use as well.  The reason for this is that business owners realize the money and time that they could be saving over time.  Some of the past commercial jobs we’ve provided a fresh and lasting exterior for include banks, hotels and resorts, universities and churches, just to name a few.

Contact Rhino Shield today to learn more about our commercial work by visiting our website or calling 877-257-4466. We’d love to hear from you!

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Posted by on in FAQ

We've told you all about how we apply Rhino Shield to your home or business in previous blogs, as well as discussing the benefits of Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating, but you know what they say- a picture's worth a thousand words! Take a look at this great video explaining the benefits and process of applying Rhino Shield to your home.

As this video shows, Rhino Shield is a good choice for all kinds of homes, even in vastly different climates. That's why there are Rhino Shield offices from Alaska to Florida! The protective properties of Rhino Shield can handle hurricane force rain and wind, resist corrosion and mildew, and even qualify for a Class A fire rating. And of course, in addition to all of the practical aspects of our product, it will make your home look fabulous.

To find out more about our highly specialized, chemically formulated exterior coating system that totally eliminates the need for frequent painting, contact us today at Rhino Shield Missouri

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Posted by on in FAQ
Rhino Shield is Windproof and Waterproof

When shopping for a product to protect your home, it's easy to see that Rhino Shield is the obvious choice! Our ceramic coating has so many benefits that traditional paint just can't match. One of the best features of Rhino Shield is that it is windproof and waterproof.

Rhino Shield ceramic coating passes the Miami-Dade wind driven rain standard, an important test for a product that is used in varied climates all over the country, including many coastal towns. Our product is rated to withstand 98 mile per hour wind and driven rain.

Here's an example of just how strong our ceramic coating is:

The surviving water-front homes that had been treated with Rhino Shield prior to Hurricane Ivan in 2004 in Okaloosa County, Florida were subjected to field tests after withstanding 126 mile per hour rains. Even after enduring this extreme test of durability, the homes were tested with a moisture meter, and no moisture penetration was found!

Fortunately, here in Missouri we're not likely to get a hurricane any time soon, but the threat of extreme weather, like hard rain storms, wind and floods, is always a possibility.  Do all you can to protect your home by choosing Rhino Shield Exterior Ceramic Paint Coating.

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Low-Maintenance Rhino Shield Home Exterior

Rhino Shield has many benefits over traditional exterior home paint including longevity, durability an green features like non-toxicity and low-VOC content.  One aspect homeowners appreciate the most is Rhino Shield's low-maintenance requirements!

Normal exterior paints need to be pressure washed every year in order to maintain a fresh look, but Rhino Shield Ceramic Paint only needs to be washed every three to four years!  That adds up not only to a huge financial savings over the life of your home, but also to an enormous amount of time savings.

Whether your home is wood, brick, aluminum, vinyl, stucco, block or steel, Rhino Shield can bond with the surface and protect it for years to come.  Our product is BASF tested and proven to last, and we even back it up with a 25 year transferable warranty.

Call us today for more information!

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Posted by on in Tips from the Rhino
Classic Color for Your Home

Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating can be mixed to virtually any color you could want, but what color scheme should you choose for your home?  You want to stand out- in a good way- yet also ensure that your home will look like a harmonious part of the environment. If you are having a hard time choosing a color scheme, it can be helpful to think thematically. Do you want your house to be bold and modern, earthy and natural, or perhaps classically elegant?

Historic homes have much to offer when it comes to exterior paint inspiration, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation has a fabulous page devoted to the colors used on and in these historical treasures. Read on for some of the color pairings inspired by American landmarks, below.

    • Woodrow Wilson House- Blush, Linen, Putty, Presidential White
    • Mark Twain House- Gray Brick, Olive, Gold
    • Hotel Del Coronado- Amber, Peach, Dusty Rose

To see dozens more of these color schemes, visit the National Trust site, linked above. If you are ready to give your Missouri home a beautiful new look, call Rhino Shield today, and never paint again!

Image via Mark Twain House in Missouri

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