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Q: What surface can Rhino Shield be applied over?

A: Rhino-Shield coating is designed for most any surface and solves associated problems. The ceramic wall coating goes over all wood substrates, masonite, brick, stone, cement, cement block, stucco and many others.

Q: Will my wood grain still be visible after Rhino Shield is applied?

A: The Rhino-Shield product does not affect wood grains and textures.

Q: I have brick, what would the advantages of using Rhino Shield?

A: Coating a brick home gives the opportunity to completely change the look of the home’s exterior. In addition, all cracks and crevices in the work area are sealed with the adhesive base coat to help protect your home.

Q: Is changing the color down the road a problem?

A: Colors are easily changed by reapplying the top-coat only.


Q: Can I buy the Rhino Shield product and apply it myself?

A: No. The product is sold and installed by Rhino Shield Dealers only.

Q: Is the warranty transferable?

A: The warranty is transferable to a new homeowner one time.

Q: Will my Homeowner’s Association approve Rhino Shield?

A: If your Homeowner’s Association will approve paint, they will approve Rhino Shield.

Q: Can Rhino Shield be applied to historic homes?

A: You should always verify the rules for historic areas; however, Rhino Shield will be readily acceptable in most areas. Rhino Shield restores and beautifies old wood.

Product Properties

Q: How does Rhino Shield coating compare to vinyl siding?

A: Rhino Shield is usually about the same price or a little less than vinyl siding. One main difference is the consumer keeps the natural look of the home’s exterior.

Q: Does this product breath?

A: Yes. This product is totally gas permeable and allows water vapor to escape.

Q: Can Rhino Shield be tinted to any color?

A: Rhino-Shield can be tinted to standard colors or custom tinting is available.

Q: How thick is the Rhino Shield product?

A: Six to ten times thicker than regular paint.