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Are you looking for the best exterior paint you can find for your house or commercial building?  Look no further than Rhino Shield Exterior Ceramic Paint Coatings.

What makes Rhino Shield the best exterior paint? 

1) Ceramic Microspheres

Ceramic Microspheres help increase the hardness, gloss control and abrasion Ceramic Microspheres in Rhino Shield Coatingresistance of the coating, resulting in superior ceramic paint life.  The best exterior paint products need to withstand harsh environmental conditions and change of seasons.  The ceramic microspheres allow Rhino Shield to do just that.  You can learn more about ceramic microspheres on the 3M website.


2) Outstanding Exterior Paint Qualities

Rhino Shield excels at flexibility, tear resistance, tensile strength, breathability, and viscosity.  This has all been proven through several rounds of testing by BASF, one of the world's most respected chemical companies.  Check out testing data results here.  What makes the best exterior paint?  The ability to resist cracking, peeling, flaking or blistering.  BASF's testing of Rhino Shield demonstrates that it does all this and more.

3) The Best Exterior Paint for Wind Driven Rain 

Where do some of the worst wind-rain combinations exist?  Florida.  Rhino Shield passed the Miami-Dade Wind Driven Rain standard, exceeding 120 mph of wind-rain combination.  If this exterior paint coating can withstand these conditions, it's the best exterior paint for your house.

See all the Benefits of Rhino Shield in this illustration.

Plus, Rhino Shield comes with a 25 year, transferable warranty.  So whether you are staying put for life or thinking about selling in the future, it's a great choice!

Contact Rhino Shield today and find out more about the best exterior paint coating for your home or commercial building. 

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