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Science Behind the Shield | Rhino Shield

Finally a system that provides a comprehensive solution to painting your home: The Rhino Shield™ Ceramic Coating System.

The Rhino Shield™ Ceramic Coating System can provide your home or office with an exterior coating that has a retains the elegance of fresh paint and adds the durability of fiber cement or vinyl siding.  Rhino Shield™ offers a product that combines superior quality with unparrelled longevity.  Rhino Shield™ Ceramic Coating System provided used by Rhino Shield creates unique benefits for you home including:

  • High specification insulation
  • Secure waterproofing
  • Unique soundproofing qualities
  • Immaculate detail

The Rhino Shield™ application process has proven to protect your property against the harshest weather while improving the overall energy efficiency.

Ceramic Micro spheres were invented in the early 1960s by the from the manufacture of solid ceramic beads. Because the micro spheres are made from ceramics, they provide the additional benefits of high heat and chemical resistance.  The central air pocket in the micro spheres provides an insulating barrier for your walls much like a thermos bottle does. This insulating, industrial maintenance-free coating is long lasting, offering superior mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, and ultra-violet ray reflectivity.  Rhino-Shield's ceramics incorporate different sized microspheres as fillers. Conventional paints utilize inexpensive mineral products as fillers that are irregular in shape and size. These irregularly-shaped fillers don't pack nearly as well as a mix of small and large microspheres. (The smaller spheres pack more tightly into the spaces between the larger spheres.) The more densely the coating is packed with microspheres, the less permeable it is to stains and the thicker it is when dry.

Adding ceramic micro spheres and high quality Titanium Dioxide to our top grade 100% acrylic elastomeric resins makes Rhino Shield reflect more light and heat, repel water better, and is more durable than any other coating on the market. Ongoing testing and constant improvements ensure that Rhino Shield will remain the absolute best exterior coating for your home.  For a complete look at the science of Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings, please call today and speak to one of our experienced representatives.

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